This study aims to determine the ratio between the cost of health care capitation PT (Persero) Health Insurance with direct health care costs based on rates District Regulation . Purworejo No. 21 of 2010. This study uses comparative study analysis .

Based on research by the author finally obtained the following results: the difference in health care costs in the health center Bayan depending on the number of participants PT Askes Persero patients who check their health in Community Health Center Bayan Purworejo, the type of health care do Bayan Purworejo to patient health center will affect health care costs, money received Community Health Center Bayan Purworejo for health services in 2012, the use of capitation financing system and using the direct financing system there is a difference of Rp 8.619.750,-  or by 78.94 % greater with the use of direct financing , operational money hospitalization received the PHC Bayan Purworejo for health care in 2012 , the local government received from the realization of appropriate legislation Purworejo and there is a difference of Rp 62.714.635,- or by 81.61 % bigger received from local government Actual Purworejo , and money outpatient first level with capitation financing system in 2012 , the realization received from PT Askes for health services and the corresponding Decree of the Interior of the Republic of Indonesia No. 138 / Menkes / PB / II / 2009 and number 12 in 2009, there is a difference of Rp 25.359.300,- or by 91.69 % higher than the realization of local government received PT Askes.


Keyword : health care costs , direct financing system , the system of capitation financing