This study aims to determine the level of collectibility of the loans in BKK PD.BPR Purworedjo Bayan Branch from 2009 to 2011 . Analysis of the data used is descriptive analysis and analysis used to assess the collectibility of loan quality in BKK PD.BPR Purworedjo Bayan Branch .

The results showed that the calculation of the NPL in 2009 , 2010, and 2011 respectively 7.20% , 2.70 % and 11.03 % . From these results saw an increase in the value of NPLs from year to year, so stay away from the maximum limit prescribed by Bank Indonesia in the amount of 5 % . Due to the greater level of NPL indicates that the bank is not a professional in the management of credit , as well as providing an indication that the level of risk on the bank’s lending is quite high . With the increase in the NPL ratio PD.BPR BKK Purworedjo Bayan Branch , is not yet well in credit .

Keyword : Collectible credit , credit quality , credit risk, managing credit