This study aims to determine the company’s ability to generate profits from liquidity PD.BPR seen BKK Purworedjo Ngombol Branch . The data analysis technique used is the analysis of liquidity ratios and profitability ratio .

Based on the analysis of the data obtained the following results liquidity ratio in PD . BPR BKK Branch Purworedjo Ngombol Year 2007 – 2011 showed a healthy condition for being able to guarantee obligations to its customers by using its liquid assets. Profitability Ratios on PD BPR BKK Branch Purworedjo Ngombol Tahun2007 – 2011 are in good condition because of the ability to generate relatively small profits even very significant loss . Liquidity Ratio PD.BPR BKK Branch Ngombol of the year 2007-2011 in good health but are not offset by healthy profitability , because Ngombol branches in 2007 to 2010 experienced a lot of bad loans resulting in higher NPL.


Keywords : Liquidity , Profitability , Cash Ratio