The aim of this research are (1) to analyze the strength and the weaknesses in KSU ARTHA AMANAH Pemalang (2) to analyze the opportunities and the threats in KSU ARTHA AMANAH Pemalang (3) to analyze the alternative strategy which is the most beneficial for KSU ARTHA AMANAH Pemalang.
How to know the strategy should be applied by KSU ARTHA AMANAH Pemalang used three stage analyses. First, collecting data stage (the input stage) that is the stage analysis which is used External Factor Evaluation Matrix / EFE Matrix, Internal Factor Evaluation Matrix / IFE Matrix. Second Analysis Stage (The Matching Stage) that is the stage which is used SWOT Matrix (TOWS Matrix) and internal-external matrix / IE Matrix. Third, making decision stage (The Decision Stage) that is stage which is used Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix / QSPM.
Based on the analysis result of Internal-External Matrix, KSU ARTHA AMANAH Pemalang which is appropriate with maintain strategy, and take care of it. SWOT Analysis Result decision that strategy is appropriate to KSU ARTHA AMANAH Pemalang is Strength-Opportunity (SO) that means of using strength for applying the Opportunity, because the strength more excellent than weaknesses such the opportunity more excellent too than Threats. SO Strategies give four alternative strategies that are developing of market strategy, market penetration, developing of product and concentric diversification. Based on Quantitave Strategic Planning Matrix, the strategy which is appropriate for developing of market strategy that has the biggest Total Attractiveness Score than the other alternative strategy.
Keyword : SWOT analys, market penetration, developing of product, concentric diversification.