The purpose of the election of this title is to be able to know how effective the program is poor rice distributed to the poor , a national program that is in direct contact with the public and one of the government’s efforts to reduce poverty .

Based on research by the author and interviews to the relevant parties and the role of the community finally obtained the following results :In general effectiveness Giving Program  Raskin” on pendunduk less capable in the Village District of Bener Sendangsari Purworejo . Based on the implementation of the program Raskin which can in katagorikan Simply Effective and Not Effective ” in view of the effectiveness of the implementation of the implementation of the division of society in the village Sendangsari Raskin . It is not yet fully optimized further effectiveness in rigorous programs include :Program Objectives have not been effective in community values ​​, social and Communications Community is deemed not effective , the attitude of the Executive considered not effective , Data Distribution Raskin The value is not effective , whereas the mechanism of distribution of Raskin rated communities have been effective , less effective target goals , the amount of rice which in Share erektif still unwell , time division is considered to be effective , while the price of the Redeem considered not effective .

Keywords : Effectiveness , Raskin , disadvantaged communities