This study aims to determine the health pelayanaan for the poor , to determine the factors – factors that affect the quality of health care for the poor , to know JAMKESMAS program implementation , to examine the use JAMKESMAS programs in poor communities in the region UPT Puskesmas Kutoarjo.

This study uses two methods , namely research data : Data collection methods In depth Interviews , Focus Group Discussion , Observation , Triangulation . Data analysis method used is the data collection , data reduction , Data Verification and dish , and draw conclusions.

The results of this study is the poor health services in UPT Puskesmas Kutoarjo through outpatient programs and inpatient basic level , the factors that affect the quality of health care for the poor is due to ignorance about the procedure and participants Jamkesmas facilities so feel unfairly treated in service to the patient, a health and socialization are less than optimal , Jamkesmas program implementation is in accordance with what the objectives of the government including government launched Jampersal program in an effort to reduce the death rate of mothers and beneficiaries .


Keywords : Jamkesmas program , health services , the poor