The purpose of this study are: (a) To reveal the influence of
Learning Methods of problem posing on learning outcomes
material Material Communicating at Work. (b) Want to know how
far the understanding and mastery of materials Communicating at
Work after the implementation of the Learning Method of problem
posing. This study used action research (search action) three
rounds. Each round consists of four phases: design, activities and
observation, reflection, and refisi. The targets of this research
were students of Class X SMK Negeri 2 Purworejo Sector Office
Administration. Data obtained in the form of a formative test
results, observation sheet teaching and learning activities.
From the analyst found that student achievement has
increased from the first cycle to the third cycle, namely, the first
cycle (69%), the second cycle (82%), the third cycle (89%). The
conclusions of this study is a method of problem posing can be a
positive influence on learning motivation of students of class X and
learning model can be used as an alternative to the learning
material to Communicate at Work in vocational students
Administrative Expertise
Keywords: Problem posing, learning motivation, materil to