In the learning process the display at SMK Negeri 2
Purworejo Marketing XI-1 indicated interest and mastery
learning outcomes do not correspond to the expected standard
criteria. The condition is characterized by a lack of pleasure,
willingness, awareness and attention of the students The
results of student learning is less due to the lack of teachers
utilize technology in the form of audio-visual media.
The purpose of this study after applying the
cooperative learning model Student Teams Achievement
Division (STAD) by using audio-visual media are (1) to
improve students’ learning interest, and (2) to improve student
learning outcomes. This research was conducted in SMK
Negeri 2 Purworejo, research subject, namely class XI-1tahun
Marketing 2014/2015 lesson that totaled 32 people consisting
of male students by 2 people and women students as many as
30 people. This research is a class act. Methods of data
collection in this study include: observation, interviews,
questionnaires, documentation and testing.
Keywords: STAD, audio-visual, subject display