The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of discipline Head Against Employee Job Performance in the Department of Agriculture , Animal Husbandry, Marine and Fisheries Purworejo . Sampling the census method , which takes all the population as a sample of as much as 97 employees . Methods of data analysis in this study is a simple regression , the coefficient of determination and t test .

Based on research by the author finally obtained a simple regression calculation results obtained regression equation Y = 6.966 + 0.606 X 30.7 % of employees work performance that occurs can be explained by using variable discipline Head . While the remaining 69.3 % received the contribution of other causal factors are motivation, leadership , morale , employee capability , employee discipline , and work culture . Partially there is a positive and significant influence between discipline Head on employee job performance and Ho received stating that no positive and significant influence between discipline Head of Department on work performance of employees .


Keyword : discipline department heads , employee job performance , leadership