The purpose of this study were to determine the effect of The work ability and work discipline on employee performance partially and simultaneously at the STIE Rajawali Purworejo. The study is used to test the hypothesis that has been proposed is a significant difference between independent variables and the work ability with work discipline of employee performance as the dependent variable.The used in this study is primary data. Data collected throught a questionnaire wich distribution to 13 persons who are lectures of STIE Rajawali Purworejo. Beside questionnaire, data also collected throught a short interview. Analisys test used to test validity and reliability, linier regression, determination, and hypothesis testing. The population of this study was all lectures of STIE Rajawali Purworejo and Sample in this study amounted 13 people lecture at the STIE Rajawali Purworejo.

The results of this reseaarch showed that testing the hypothesis that partially work ability and wor discipline variables have a positive and significant affect on employee performance. This shows the work ability and the work discipline variables have a influence that can improve the employee performance. To determine the influence of positive and significance between the independent variable work ability (X1) and work discipline (X2) on the dependent variable of employee performance (Y) can be shown with sig F for 0.005 is smaller than α of 0.05 then H0 is rejected. It can be concluded that the variables work ability (X1) and work discipline (X2) are jointly positiev and significant effect on employees performance variable (Y). The result using multiple regression analysis showed a significant F value is 0,005 < 0,05 (alpha) and Adjusted R Square value is equal to 0.588. This suggest that the contribution of work ability (X1) and work discipline (X2) is equal to 58.8% and the remaining 41.2% is influenced by other variables outside the two independent variable studied.


Keywords: work  ability, work discipline, employee performance