The study aims to determine the effect of the performance of the Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja to curb street vendors around the square Purworedjo.In this study used two research methods, namely: data collection methods: observation, interviews, question naires and documentation. This study uses simple regression, the coefficient of determination , and t test.

Based on research by the author eventually obtained the following results: from simple linear regression calculations obtained regression equation Y = 18.267-.045 X. This means that, if the value of the variable performance Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja in the research object is equal to zero, then the level or magnitude of Street Vendors of Control variable in the amount of 18.267. The magnitude of the coefficient of determination (R 2) is found to be 0.002 or equal to 0.2%, this means the number of Control Street Vendors of 0.2% is affected by the performance variables Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja while the remaining 99.8% is influenced by other variables in the this is the level of awareness of the Society Pendowo and traders as well as compliance with regulations.

Hypothesis testing produces variable t there was no positive and significant effect between performance variables Civil Service Police Unit of the Control of Street Vendors welcome.


Keywords :Performance, Civil Service Police Unit, Control Street Vendors