The purpose of this study are: first, to determine and analyze the influence of variables of service quality to decision variables lines of credit, both to study and analyze the effect of variable marketing channels to variable-making lines of credit, third to determine and analyze the influence of service quality variables and variable marketing channels to the variable credit decision-making.With multiple linear regression analysis in this study showed b1 = 0.357 showed a positive influence of the variable quality of service (X1) to the credit decision-making, b2 = 0.198 showed a positive influence of marketing channel variable (X2) against the decision of the credit decision. As for testing the hypothesis partially used t test, obtained tcount to the variable quality of service (X1) of 11.485, and variable marketing channels (X2) is 5.096, with 1.984 ttabel criteria used in this test. From these results, it is known that the quality of service and marketing channels affect the credit decision-making, but the quality of service greater influence on the decision-making loans. Furthermore, to test multiple linear regression coefficient significance overall F test used Retrieved Fhitung 147.611 with a significant level of 0,000 is much smaller than 0.05 and greater than Ftabel of 3.09. Determinant coefficient (R2) of 75.3%, which means that the variable credit making decisions jointly influenced by the variable quality of service, and variable marketing channels, while the remaining 24.7% influenced by other variables that are not included in the model equations

Keywords : Credit decision-making, Quality of Service, and Marketing Channels