This study aims to determine whether there is a positive and significant
influence between after sales service on customer loyalty in CV. Purwodadi
Purworejo Motor New Source. Analyzer used is with tool of SPSS 19,0 for
windows. Taking samples done by Purposive Sampling, the number of samples
taken in this study is 16.7% x 300 = 50.1 or 50 people. The research method used
in collecting data is, simple regression, coefficient of determination, and t test.
from the calculation of simple regression obtained regression equation Y = 14.280
+ 0.265 X. the magnitude of coefficient of determination 0,108 or equal to 10.8%.
This number means that as much as 10.8% customer loyalty that occurs can be
explained by using variable after-sales service. While the remaining 89.2% (100%
-10.8%) received contributions from other causes factors such as promotions,
recommendations from others, prices, deales locations. Hypothesis testing yielded
tcount of 2,414. So the value of tcount is greater than this ttable means (Ha) which
states there is a positive and significant influence between the variables after sales
service to customer loyalist received and (Ho) rejected.
Keyword: after sales service, customer loyalty, prices