The aim this study is to know the effect of internal motivation toward in taking the decision of using  bank service  in PD BPR Bank Purworejo. To know the effect of external motivation toward the decision in  using  bank service in PD BPR Bank Purworejo. The method of the study is double correlation, double regression, determination coefficient, t test and F test. The population is the customers of PD BPR BankPurworejo in January up to March 2012, 326 persons. The critery are the age of costomers are above 17 years old. The numbers of sample is taken by Stratified Random Sampling, 15% of the population, 49 persons.

            Based on the calculation, the result of The firs hyphotesis (H1) obtained t count 5,825. It means that partially internal motivation variable (X1) effects toward in taking decision of using service (Y). The value of t count the external motivation variable (X2) is 2,757, it means that partially external motivation decision  effects toward the taking decision of using service significantly. The Anova test obtained Fcount 37,532 and Ftable 3,20. It means that simultaneously there are positive and significant effect  between internal motivation variable and external motivation toward in taking decision of using service is accepted.


Keyword: internal motivation, external motivation, the decision in using service.