The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of credit on the acquisition difference in the results of operations of Women’s Cooperative ” Puteri Mandiri” Purworejo. This study uses data analysis, namely: simple linear regression, the coefficient of determination, and t test .

Based on research by the author finally obtained the following results : from simple linear regression calculation obtained regression equation y = 1.920 + 0.021 X  amount coefficient of determination 49 % . This figure means that by 49 % . The extension of credit that occurred can be explained by using a variable gain Difference Results of Operations. While the remaining 51 % received the contribution of factors-other factors in this case is the capital and credit cooperative membership . Testing the hypothesis that there is no effect generates positive and significant correlation between the variables of credit (X) to the acquisition Difference Operating Results received .


Keywords : Credit , business profits , capital