This research aims to realize the welfare of member cooperatives KUD Tani Rukun embodying economic profitability improvement for cooperative development. The ability of cooperative generate profits of net income is expected to increase in fixed assets , reduced debt and operating losses .

           To measure the ability of cooperatives to generate profits and also measure the level of capital efficiency of a cooperative use of data analysis techniques, namely: Economic Profitability Analysis, Simple Correlation, Simple Linear Regression, and t test .

          Generated from this study that the variable calculation Correlation person profitability and growth variables is 0.802 this means that the degree of correlation is very strong. Because the interval between 0.80 to 1.000 . Calculation of regression equation Y = -1.634 + 1.800 X. The magnitude of the coefficient of determination 0.643 or 64.3 % . Hypothesis testing produces more sll below ttable of thitung (2.776 > 2.325) or a significant value of 0.802 ( P > 0.05).


Keyword: economic profitability, surplus, cooperative development