This study aimed to determine the effect on the performance of teacher certification at the elementary school teacher UPT Dikbudpora subdistrict Butuh district Purworejo. Sample retrieval using stratified random sampling method, ie taking a random sample and stratified ie the number of elementary teacher certification recipients of the 2006-2011 ie 25 % of the 121 at 30. The method of data analysis used in this study is a simple regression, the coefficient of determination and t test .

Based on research by the author finally obtained the following results : of the simple regression calculation regression equation Y = 6.606 + 0.618 X 0.463 magnitude of coefficient of determination or equal to 46.3 % . This figure means that 46.3 % of primary school teachers who happen performance can be explained by using the variable teacher certification. While the remaining 53.7 % is influenced by other variables not examined which teachers work motivation, leadership , morale , discipline teachers, work culture and so forth . Testing the hypothesis generating that there is a positive and significant influence between the variables of teacher certification (X) on the performance of primary school teachers (Y) is received .


Keyword : teacher certification , teacher performance , motivation of teachers