This research comes from the failure of the aims in speaking
learning, especially in guest handling competency. So the researcher
tried to get the solution by implementing of simulation method which
is supported by virtual aids. It is intended to take the students into the
real situation of the real work place. Virtual Aids will help the
students to reconstuct their mind moreover to trigger their activity in
taking part in the speaking learning proces in SMK N 2 Purworejo.
The level of the succesful in getting the aim of the learning are the
activity and speaking skill in guest handling using the combination of
simulation methods and virtual aids which is showed 100% of passing
on the examination. The average score is 79. The number of upper
students who gets the score above of the passing grade is 6,5% in
excellent and 90,3% good. Virtual aids which is used to support the
learning process is Gravida Hotel entirely.
Keywords : speaking skill, simulation, virtual aids, guest handling