The purpose of this study was to determine the general idea of ​​the elementary teacher certification, determine the performance of elementary school teachers, public perceptions of the performance of the receiver elementary teacher certification in 2012 in Regional UPT P and K Ngombol. This study uses data analysis techniques teory content.

       The results obtained from this study is a general description of the elementary teacher certification in UPT P and K Ngombol is that the number of elementary school teachers in UPT P and K Ngombol Purworejo there are 216 people who are already certified and there are 168 people there who have not been certified 48 people.

       Teacher Performance SD receiver serrtifikasi 2012 in Regional UPT P and K Ngombol Purworejo is the better teacher welfare and increasing. Expectations of government with a more professional and certified teacher to improve its performance so that learners achievement increases.


Keyword: public perception, the performance of teachers, teacher certification