This study aimed to determine the public perception of savings products TAMADES on PD . BPR – BKK Branch Purworedjo Kaligesing Purworejo and study variables to determine which ones have the most tinggiBerdasarkan score information from the fund raising deposit products TAMADES number of customers in the period in 2012 as many as 893 people . The number of samples taken in this study of 10% of the population is 89 people with accidental sampling method . This study uses a Likert scale data analysis .

Based on the research result that customer perception assessment of the savings variable TAMADES providing outstanding service is 77 % , saving TAMADES have the benefits / advantages of high interest rates is that interest is 82 % , customers using TAMADES Savings due to promotional gifts is 78 % , customer Savings TAMADES use for administrative costs cheap and reliable because it is owned by the government is 78 % , and customers using TAMADES Savings products because it has a good image in the community is 87 % . Research variables that have the highest scores are variable customer using PD TAMADES Savings products . BPR BKK Branch Kaligesing Purworedjo this because it has a good image in the society that is equal to 1925 are included in the agreed and strongly agreed intervals , but closer to the category of strongly agree .

Keywords : Perception of customers , interest rate , image