Implementation of effective schools is one way out in an effort to improve the quality of education, or in other words an effective school is a process of education quality. Quality education not only includes student achievement academically, but also non-academic, as virtuous, self-contained, and increased arousal learning. Effective school is a school that seeks to function as a place to learn the best by providing quality learning for students.

Characteristic feature of effective schools include schools have a clear vision and mission and implemented consistently, have a good environment, a strong school leadership, support from the local community, the school has a clear program design, teachers implement innovative learning strategies, ongoing evaluation, curriculum schools are planned and integrated with each other;

Management strategy in order to effectively directed at the management school learning services for students maximum, quality management learning process, granting, management infrastructure comfort others, the opportunity to use the facilities and services of the school, cultural and environmental development of the school. Principal shall think of appropriate strategies for effective school-led in order to improve the quality of education.


Keyword: Management Strategy, Quality Management, ongoing evaluation