This study aims to determine the general idea of ​​the quality of education SMP 29 Purworejo.Untuk obtain the formulation of a quality school that can be used as a reference in improving the quality of SMP Negeri 29 Purworejo.Memformulasikan quality improvement strategies SMP 29 Purworedjo so schools can compete with other both schools at the district level , district , or at a higher level . The data analysis technique used is the theory content . The results of this study are the determinants of the first quality of learners is a goal or a vision that has been achieved by the agency . Teachers are the backbone determines the quality of the learners . Facilities and infrastructure are incomplete will affect the improvement of the quality and the methods used by the teacher in the learning ,the parents and the environment also should support the learning situation.

The strategy pursued by the school to improve the quality of students is improving school leadership management . Principal shall act as organizers,movers and supervisors. Another step that is effective learning and teaching, disciplining students, to motivate and discipline the child membelajarkan. Facilities and infrastructure need to be equipped learning , teachers need to be motivated to constantly improve their competence , as well as the role of parents and masyarakatpun need to be optimized .

Keywords : strategy management , quality of students, teaching methods