This study aims to determine the credit development strategy in PD . BPR BKK Purworedjo Bagelen Branch . Methods of data collection using observation , interviews , and study the literature . This study uses data analysis methods of data collection, data reduction, data presentation and conclusion.

Based on research by the author eventually obtained the following results : the results of the internal evaluation obtained in two factors: the strength factor and factor weaknesses. Strength factors include: loan process fast , easy competitive interest requirements Owned Local Company , and strategic location . While the weakness of the factors include the bank officer did not properly credit analysis , bank strategy eksppansi excessive , weakness in the rejection of credit , credit monitoring is weak , and lack of knowledge and experience of Accounts officer . Internal evaluation results obtained in the two factors factors factors opportunities and threats. Factors include the opportunity to help business customers , increase revenue , and help meet the needs of the consumer and customer investment . While the threat factors include : many commercial banks and rural banks that have a similar business , failure in doing business , and the absence of unforeseen disasters . Credit growth strategy in PD BPR BKK Purworedjo Bagelen Branch were: developing a long -term loan program for investment clients , the communities in which Purworejo can use the credit facility Haji using long-term loans , credit facilities programs for civil servants , military and police , the approach to prospective customers and existing customers , pick up the ball for promotional efforts, conduct regular credit monitoring program , implement the precautionary principle, developed a software program for productive business interest (small businesses) , giving souvenirs directly to customers , become sponsors in credit promotional activities in order to maximize credit services in place , the process of melting fast , cheap flowers , adding cooperation with government and private agencies , as well as the expansion of credit .

Keyword : Development of credit , internal evaluation , external evaluation