This study aimed to determine the forms of community service at UPT Puskesmas Seborokrapyak find the determinants of service quality in UPT Puskesmas Seborokrapyak maximum, to know the SWOT analysis on UPT Puskesmas Seborokrapyak. Formulate strategies for improving the quality of care at health centers Seborokrapyak UPT .

In this study, researchers used two research methods, namely:
Data collection methods include observation, interviews, documentation and triangulation. SWOT analysis method, namely determining factor strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to find a strategy to improve quality of care .

The results of the study as follows : the power factor is the quality of service is always maintained , following the development of medical, paramedical staff of experienced, long-standing. Factors disadvantage that only 4 nurses, medical devices whose time has changed . Chance factor is the increase of population, consumer behavior is easily recognizable , stable economic conditions . Factors namely the threat of private midwives and doctors in private practice, the existence of alternative medicine .That in order to improve the quality of health care of things that need to be considered include: the health center must maintain the quality of health care , increase the types of services (inpatient), updating medical equipment, enhanced capabilities and maintain paramedic paramedics there .


Keywords : strategy , quality health care , type of health services