This study aims to determine the factors that affect the sales of products , to find out the SWOT analysis on Telkomsel product sales and sales strategy to determine which will be made by CV . AKARDAYA MANDIRI Telkomsel in marketing products. This study uses an interactive model of analysis by analyzing data reduction, data presentation and conclusion and SWOT analysis.

From the results of this research is that: the factors that affect the sale of Vodacom products, among others, the conditions and the ability of sellers, market conditions, capital , enterprise organization condition, and other factors that support . SWOT analysis obtained by using a strategy Strength – Opportunity, includes: determining sales targets, giving lottery tickets to consumers and outlets , facilitating employees with mobile phones to facilitate sales transactions Mkios and offers high profit on Vodacom outlets . Strategy Weakness – Opportunity , include : the agreement to penalize any employee who violated discipline, the supervisor has the ability to respond to customer complaints and provide instructions on how to fill vouchers. Strength Strategies – Treath, includes : strategy cheaper prices than competitors, actively promote product excellence and CSR programs to the community . Weakness Strategy – Treath, include : distributing flyers to consumers and outlets, increasing the sales force on product mastery Telkomsel , Telkomsel Grapari service is provided to handle customer complaints , and the provision of services in the RACE program CV. Independent Akardaya specifically for the outlet .


Keyword : sales strategy , sales promotion , sales force