From the results of preliminary observations at SMK
Negeri 2 Purworejo data showed that learning Introduction to
Accounting and Finance in class XI AK-third of the school
year 2014/2015 has a low learning outcomes. Recorded in
class XI AK3 there are 19 students from 32 students who
scored below the SKL, which is 76. That means that the
percentage of 41% classical completeness.
To improve learning outcomes in grade XI AK-3 at
SMK Negeri 2 Purworejo, then do action research using
cooperative learning type Two Stay Two Stray. The subjects
were students of class XI AK-3 SMK Negeri 2 Purworejo. The
procedure of this study is a cyclical activity that consists of
two cycles, where each cycle includes planning,
implementation, action, observation and reflection.
Keywords: Cooperative Learning, Learning Outcomes, and
Model TSTS