The purpose of this study was to determine the performance of the Police Sector Pituruh Purworejo . The number of samples taken in this study of 26 people with census method . Methods of data collection using observation , interviews , questionnaires and study the literature. This study uses a Likert scale data analysis
Based on research by the author finally obtained the following results: the results of an assessment of the number of arrests carried out by the Police Sector Unit Pituruh measured using existing information in the hands and under the control of the leadership quality is 78 % , the number of speeding tickets are conducted under the rules then the applicable is 78 % , service to the community one of them is the speed in responding to service calls is 82 % , and awards for his performance made one of which is measured by the number of successful cases handled by the Police force Pituruh sector is 81 %. The research variables that have the highest scores are variable service to the community one of which is the speed in responding to the call of this service because it has a good image in the community that is equal to 82 %.

Keywords: Police officers Performance, Services, Police image