This study titled ANALYSIS OF LEADERSHIP, MOTIVATION AND COMMITMENT TO PERFORMANCE EMPLOYEE ORGANIZATION (Case study of PDAM Tirta Mulia Pemalang) In this research using accidental sampling technique to the entire object under study amounted to 52 employees. The testing in this study conducted by validity, reliability, classical assumptions, multiple linear regression analysis and hypothesis testing berupauji t and F test
By the analysis of this study showed hypothesis testing showed that there is significant influence leadership variable (X1) with tcount of 2,438 on employee performance. Motivation variable (X2) is 2,251 to employee performance and organizational commitment variables (X3) of 2.192, simultaneous hypothesis testing results showed that a significant difference between variabbel leadership (X1), motivation (X2), and organizational commitment of employee performance. With hasilk Ftable F test showed the value of 2.011 means Fhitung greater than F table (24.688> 2.011). While the results of the regression model determian coefficient (R2) can explain the variability of 84.6% while the remaining 15.4% is influenced by other variables outside the model equations in this study.

Keywords: Employee Performance, Leadership, Motivation and Organizational     Commitmen