The aim of this research is to analyze the competition strategy
in canning portunus pelagicus at Philips Indonesian seafood in
Pemalang Regency. The analysis of data is based on the
questionnaire of respondents’ answers to PT Philips Seafood
Management. The result showed that the SWOT analysis, P.T.
Philips Seafood Indonesia Pemalang used Strength
Opportunities (SO) which is applied for the customers,
expanding of market share, the quality of human resources.
Based on the IFAS ( Internal Faktor Analisis Sistem ), the total
value is 3,20 and EFAS (Eksternal Faktor Analisis Sistem), the
total value is 2.50 can be used to compare the competition
strength of PT Philips Seafood toward the others companies in
canning portunus pelagicus. Based on the SWOT analysis,
Philips Seafoods Indonesia Pemalang has a greater
opportunity than the threatening 1.5 at external factor, and 1.8
at internal factor showed positive value in first quadrant affect
to the fast development.
Keywords: SWOT analysis, competition strategy, market share