Abstract The purpose of this research is to know the application of outpatient service system, know patient response to outpatient service and to know effectiveness of outpatient service system in dr. Tjitrowardojo Purworejo.Effectiveness of Integrated Outpatient Care System RSUD Dr. Tjitrowardojo Purworejo is considered less effective both for patients and officers. This is supported by the application of BPJS verification section has become one roof with integrated outpatient registration. So just go through one door, after you have finished registering the patient directly to the target polyclinic for examination by the doctor so that the patient or the applicant does not spend time in many places to register. In addition the outpatient registration process is currently faster than the previous system. However, based on observation of integrated outpatient registration system currently still have shortcomings such as new queue number machine there is one, orderly culture of the patient in the case of queuing not yet good, waiting chair provided by management still less so many patient or registrant waiting outside the room and officer which gives the waiter still less good. Keyword: effectiveness, registration system, and outpatient