The purpose of this research is to analyze the quality control on bag
production process in SME House of 2015-2015. The analysis tool used is
statistical tools contained in Statistical Quality Control (SQC) and Statistical
Process Control (SPC). Here are the steps by collecting data using check sheet,
pareto chart, fishbone diagram and control chart P.
The results of the research analysis with the control chart p, all points are
within the control limits indicating that the production process is in a controlled
state. Based on the pareto diagram, the priority of improvement that needs to be
done by SME House Colors to reduce the number of misdruk that occur in the
production process can be done on two types of damage or misdruk the dominant is
misdruk due to excess one stitch / thread broken and perforated because sewing
needles. From the analysis of causality diagram can be known factors causing
damage or misdruk in production that comes from factors man, materials and
measurement that must be improved and more attention by this SMEs for the
production process to be smooth.
Keyword: quality control, color house production process