High demand on telecommunications equipment can increase opportunities for telecom equipment company to create a wide variety of products with different brand with a variety of features that continue to innovation. But on the other side of the course will lead to high levels of business competition. The number of competitors offer products that offer a variety of different features make the more options that can be enjoyed by consumers, but it is becoming a challenge for the company because the state could make consumers who have a variety seeking high will brand swiching which offers more attractive features. This study aims to see how does the variety-seeking moderate influence on the product features to brand swiching.

Collecting data with survey, taking the sample using nonprobaility sampling technique with purposive sampling on 100 students at the Muhammadiyah Purworejo University. The results showed the product features and significant positive effect on brand switching decision and the need to find variations moderate the relationship between product features on brand switching decision.


Keywords: product features, brand swiching, seeking variety, moderation