The purpose of this study is to investigate the working condition, achievement motivation, and empowerment and their impact on the employee’s job satisfaction. A management development model examines the impact among the measurable constructs. The model explores the impact among working condition, achievement motivation, and empowerment on employee’s job satisfaction in PT. Sumber Wareh Prabowo in Surakarta.

The results indicate there is a goodness of fit for research model. The coefficient explained that the compensation, achievement motivation, and career development have positive and significant impact to employee’s job satisfaction in the management model and partially, compensation and empowerment has no effect on employee’s job satisfaction, but achievement motivation has impact to employee’s job satisfaction. And all of the variables have impact to employee’s job satisfaction simultaneously.

The limitations include the self-report methodology that measures perceptual data with a series of questionairre items. There are practical applications for management development specialists and the model supports an environment in which leaders are encouraged to increase in giving empowerment to the employees, so they can do their job better, and the leaders are encouraged to make a better working condition so it will increase the employee’s job satisfaction.


Keywords : working condition, achievement motivation, empowerment, and employee job   satisfaction