The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of business legality of
consumer purchasing decision sagon Adi Purworejo, Population in this research is
not known tidah because consumers who buy sagon Adi difficult to detect / known.
To know the sample of researcher use 50 respondent. This research uses simple
regression method, coefficient of determination and t test.
Based on the research results obtained as follows: Simple regression
calculation obtained equation Y = 21.850 + 0.318 X. Calculation summary model
shows the coefficient of determination 0,046. Hypothesis testing resulted in t-count
smaller than t-table (1,526 <1.676) or sig value of (0,134> 0,05). This means Ho
stating that there is no positive and significant influence between the business
legality variables on the purchase decision Adi Purworejo accepted sagon and Ha
Keyword: business legality, purchasing decision, consumer