Abstract This studi aims to determine the effect of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Good Corporate Governance (GCG) disclosure in stock prices. The population in this study are mining companies listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange in 2016-2018. With purposive sampling method obtained 17 companies.The data collection used is a documentation study method by obtaining data in the form of company annual report. CSR proxied includes CSR-Eonomy, CSREnvironment, and CSR-Social. GCG is proxied by an Independent Commisioner and an Independent Audit Committee. The data analysis technique used multiple linier regression analysis. This is includes the classical assumption test, t test, coefficien determination and F test. The result show that CSR-Economic disclosure has a positive but significant effect on stock price.CSR-Environmental disclosure has a significant positive effect on stock price. CSR-Social disclosure has a significant positif effect on stock price. Each Independent Commisioner and Independent Audit Committee have a positive significant effect on stock price.