The purpose of this study is to determine the influence of seller reseller on
the development of Santana shop Purworejo. Sources of data used in this study is
the primary data is data obtained directly from the source information. This
research uses data analysis method, simple linear regression, determinate
coefficient R2 and T test.
Based on the research that the authors do finally obtained the regression
equation Y = 62,543 + 1.364X. This means that, if the reseller’s sales (X) value is
0, then the development of the business (Y ‘) is positive value of 62,543 reseller (X)
sales of 1.364 means that if the reseller’s sales increase 1 piece, then the business
development (Y’ ) will experience an increase of 1.364. While 7.6% is determined
by other factors such as online sales without going through resellers or offline,
promotions, and service facilities. partially there is a positive and significant
influence between reseller sales variables on the development of Santana Shop
business. The higher the sales turnover generated by reseller sales, the
development of Santana Shop business will also be more significant.
Keyword: reseller sales, business development and online shop