Abstract The purpose of this study is to determine the positive and significant influence between profitability ratios and leverage ratios to profit growth. This study uses data analysis methods, multiple regression, coefficient of determination t test and F test. Based on the research that the authors do with the calculation using SPSS program known t test for ROE t arithmetic of 1.513 with t table of 2.919, so the value of t arithmetic smaller than t table. And for DR t count equal to 0,943 and t table equal to 2,919, so t value count smaller than t table. So partially either ROE or DR on hypothesis Ho accepted which means there is no influence of ROE and DR on profit growth. For test f, ROE and DR is known f count of 2.398 and f table of 19.00, so f count is smaller than f table. So that simultaneously Ho accepted which means together ROE and DR have no effect to profit growth. Result of correlation test between ROE variable and profit growth is equal to 0,758, whereas correlation between variable DR and profit growth is equal to -0,608. The amount of Coefficient Determination 0.411 or equal to 41.1% means that 41.1% of profit growth can be explained by using ROE and DR variables. While the rest, 58.9% is explained by factors other causes not examined in this study Keyword: profitability ratio, leverage ratio and profit growth