The purpose of this paper is to determine a general overview of organizational culture on indicators of adaptability and emotional intelligence officials in the region Purworejo Parliament Secretariat. Methods of data collection using observation, interviews, and literature. This study uses qualitative methods.
Based on the results it can be concluded that organizational culture affects the behavior of the members of the organization. Cultural organizations in the Parliament Secretariat is not as expected, either by staff or supervisor. Need improvement and evaluation will have an impact on performance results. Picture of the performance of employees at the Parliament Secretariat Purworejo overall has been good, but it is necessary to increase organizational performance through improved performance of each individual. The strategic role of organizational culture will determine the success of an organization.
The influence of organizational culture on the performance can be known by looking at the strength or weakness of the organizational culture. Similarly, at the Parliament Secretariat Purworejo, organizational culture seen from the indicator of adaptability and emotional intelligence has a major role to employee performance and impact on employee performance assessment from the aspects of job performance, responsibility and initiative.

Keywords: Performance, Organizational Culture, Adaptability , Emotional intelligence