The purpose of this study is to determine the level of sales before and after
using social media, to determine the factors that influence the increase in sales
through social media, to know the marketing strategy so as to increase online sales
in Santana Shop. The method of analysis in this study using SWOT analysis.
The results of this study can be seen that the factors that affect the level of
sales before and after using social media, among others, before using social media
Santana Shop using offline and active store CFD in Purworejo square, after active
in social media sales increased. Factors that affect the increase in sales through
social media that is, social media can find out more about customers, develop
target markets, reach the business, increase promotion. So by using SWOT analysis
obtained strategy Strength – Opportunity that is, sale without capital with price of
goods offered cheaper, give bag or wallet free, give discount, goods always update,
follow event, social media make easy to sell, for dropship. Weakness-Opportunity
Strategy is to increase online sales to reduce the workload, in cooperation with
many gyro services, open resellers, create their own brand bags or wallets,
Strength-Treath strategy that is, create 2 SIM cards, actively promote in social
media networking, the more many create discount events, deliver exciting
advertisements by multiplying new model updates, emerging new competitors at
cheaper rates, providing original photo captions, Weakness – Treath strategy that
is, providing cheap rates from other stores, delivering inexpensive shipping
services, opening online good resellers or offline.
Keyword: social media utilization at santana shop